Stormy seas are causing a dangerous situation for crews trying to tow a disabled cargo ship to safety off the coast of Newfoundland

The Canadian Coast Guard has been trying to tow a stricken 132 metres cargo ship off the coast of Newfoundland, but rough weather conditions are making the situation very difficult.

MV Baby Leeyn, which was carrying nearly 300 tons of fuel, but no cargo, ran into engine trouble 15 kilometres south of Cape St. Mary shortly after midnight on Sunday (26 November).

The ship had left the commercial seaport of Argentia, N.L, on Saturday night. As of Sunday afternoon, the craft was not believed to be on a collision course with land.

Foul weather and rough seas are causing the situation to become increasingly dangerous, or “fluid”, according to Larry Crann, a senior response officer of the Canadian Coast Guard, reports Canadian CTV News.

The owner of MV Baby Leeyn hired a tugboat to help, but Crann said the conditions are making it difficult to attach the Baby Leeyn safely and he estimated the waves to be over three metres high.

The Canadian coast guard has employed the help of a second tug boat and also sent a ship to help with the situation.

“The biggest challenge for us right now is the safety of the people who are on board and the safety of the crew that’s trying to attach the tow line.”, Canadian CTV News reports Crann saying.

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A second tug boat has been hired by the coastguard and they have also sent one of their own ships to assist in case of further complications arising.

“Right now we’re just monitoring the situation and getting updates from the tug on site,” Crann said. “It’s hard to say how long it’ll take because of the sea state.”, said Crann to CTV News.