The new 24ft Corsair 760R trimaran is pegged to be the 'ultimate regatta boat' and boasts full-length cockpit

Corsair Marine has introduced the Corsair 760R model to its range of  trailerable trimarans. Designed to be fast, fun and affordable, the new R version focuses on speed.

Featuring a full-length cockpit, the fun sportsboat

It has an identical underwater profile and sail plan to the 760 variants but the larger cockpit comes at the loss of internal volume and comforts. The R does not offer sleeping accommodation and comfortable interior but is instead honed for record-breaking speed, regatta fun and boasts that great open deck layout.

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The manufacturer states it will “punch above its weight in mixed fleets with multi hulls over twice its size.”

The 760 has a carbon rotating wing mast with synthetic shrouds, stays and traps and additional performance enhancements making it an ultimate regatta racing trimaran.

The 760 was tested during the Miami International Boat Show earlier this year.

Watch the video of the Corsair 760: