After three years of supporting the UKSA, Cowes Week is now looking for a new charity to back during next's year's regatta on the Isle of Wight.

For the last three years the official charity at Cowes Week has been the UKSA.

During that time, more than £200,000 has been raised by those attending the annual regatta.

But now, Cowes Week is looking for a new charity to support for 2017.

Cowes Week Limited said it appoints an official charity in order that fundraising activity during the event can be conducted in a focused way.

“Experience and feedback has shown that having a single charity with clear objectives aligned to the event is the best way of channelling charitable activity at the regatta,” it said.

Commenting on the UKSA’s tenure as the official Cowes Week charity, the CEO of UKSA, Ben Willows, said: “Thanks to the generosity of those attending Cowes Week we have raised over £200,000 in the last three years.”

“This has allowed UKSA to provide transformational and life changing opportunities to many young people and to invest in the site to continue to offer world class facilities bringing amazing outcomes,” he continued.

“To be the official charity to Cowes Week has been a huge honour. As a charity which uses the power of the sea to make a difference to young people’s lives, what better way to do it than at the world’s most famous sailing regatta,” he added.

Over the last three years, the charity has successfully provided opportunities at Cowes Week for all-comers to get afloat and experience the excitement of sailing.

The UKSA has also had a strong presence at Cowes Yacht Haven and worked closely with the local business community and event sponsors.

It experienced great success and engagement with some of their fun initiatives such as “Boss Up a Mast” where senior executives were winched up masts of their ocean-going yachts, and not allowed down until a fundraising target had been reached.

Cowes Week Limited is now beginning the process of appointing an official charity for next year’s regatta.

The initial length of agreement offered will be one year, to cover the 2017 event.

Any charities that are interested in becoming involved should register their interest with the regatta’s Kristen Lloyd.