Figures released by the local tourist board saw the number of Brits chartering a boat around Croatia increase by 5%

The number of Brits chartering a boat around Croatia’s coast has increased by nearly 5% since 2013, according to figures released by the local tourist board.

More than 15,000 people headed to the Adriatic coast in 2014 to enjoy a sailing holiday amid the crystal blue waters.

Having the 6th longest coastline in Europe and more than 1,500 gulfs and ports, there’s plenty for sailors to explore.

Croatian marinas are also situated in exceptionally well-protected locations, from larger towns to small coves on islands, with services including regular maintenance, support for safe and enjoyable navigation, and, moreover, a wide variety of gastronomic choices, with delicious food served at local restaurants and family-run trattorias.

Some of the most popular destinations in the area include the Dalmatian and Kvarner regions.