RNLI crews from Barrow also had to contend with an injured sailor and a potential sinking

A yacht was involved in a dramatic rescue on Tuesday after running aground in the Irish Sea near Haverigg Point.

Both a Barrow RNLI lifeboat and an inshore rescue team were sent to assist the 60ft yacht shortly before midday.

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By the time crews arrived on scene, the wind was freshening and waves were estimated to be 13ft high.

Some of the seven passengers aboard the yacht were requesting to be evacuated to the lifeboat, but this was deemed too dangerous amid the choppy conditions.

Coxswain Shaun Charnley decided to attach a towline instead and the lifeboat was able to pull the yacht clear of land and into deeper water.

Unfortunately the drama was far from over for all involved after the RNLI crew received word that one of the female passengers aboard the yacht had suffered a back injury after a fall.

Two RNLI crewmen were transferred to the vessel before treating the woman with an entonox pain killing gas and placed her in a stretcher.

While tending to the patient, deputy 2nd coxswain Dave Kell saw sea water had begun flooding into the yacht and was liable to sink it.

Mr Kell and his colleague attempted to close the sea cocks letting water in but they were unable to do so.

In a bid to save the yacht, they arranged for a salvage pump to be transferred over so the ingress of water could be stemmed and the boat pumped dry.

After managing to hold the flow of water, the tow continued to Barrow Port where the casualty and passengers were taken ashore.

Having successfully helped the crew, the lifeboat returned to station while members of the Maritime and Coastguard Agency inspected the vessel.