A drunk sailor who kicked his shipmate in the head three times for complaining about his jokes, has been spared jail

A drunk sailor has been spared jailed after attacking his shipmate and knocking out a tooth.
Don Earl kicked Kenneth Cook once in the face and two more times in the head after the victim complained about his ‘awful’ jokes.
The two men were working as civilian merchant sailors onboard the Royal Navy vessel, Fort Rosalie, when the incident happened.
Mr Cook lost a tooth, suffered a deep cut to his nose and was left with a black eye as a result of the attack that happened in July last year.
Meanwhile, Mr Earl was left with no memory of the event due to alcohol intoxication.
The 48-year-old was given a 10-month suspended sentence and 200 hours of unpaid work by Southwark Crown Court yesterday.
The court had heard how tensions between the two men had been growing for a ‘considerable period of time’ and many other shipmates also found Mr Earl ‘annoying’.
In a statement, Mr Cook said: “When Don Earl first joined Fort Rosalie, we got on OK but as time progressed he started to annoy me because he was so loud and he used to tell awful jokes.
“He just got on everyone’s nerves, including mine.”
Mr Earl has since been sacked and was arrested on his return to Britain. He pleaded guilty to unlawful wounding.

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