A party boat carrying 95 passengers crashed on rocks during the early hours of Friday morning in the midst of a storm

A luxury party boat in Dubai crashed in the early hours of Friday morning during a storm.
Superyacht Jasmin, owned by Epic Luxury Yachts, was hosting a private event with 95 passengers on board when the incident occurred at around 3.30am.
A storm bringing winds of up to 40 knots and rough seas swept across parts of the United Arab Emirates, causing the 125ft vessel to crash into rocks near the city.

The 95 passengers reportedly climbed off the ship onto the rocks without realising they were on the runway of Skydive Dubai.
DJ Satheerth Kunneth, who was entertaining guests on board, told Emirates 24/7: “We left around midnight and were supposed to come back in three hours. However, at around 3am, the storm hit.
“We were already on our way back to shore, but the storm got worse and the yacht ultimately crashed, forcing us to jump ship.”
“The boat crashed up against the rocks twice in fact. It was the second impact when all of us in the yacht realised something was wrong.”
Epic Luxury Yachts’ Vikas Goel, said: “The captain is very experienced and he docked the boat next to Skydive Dubai and let the passengers off immediately. No one was injured at all and everyone safely walked off the boat.”

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