Sunderland footballer Duncan Watmore saved three people after a catamaran smashed into a fishing boat in Barbados, sinking the vessel

It’s emerged that Premier League footballer, Duncan Watmore, rescued three elderly holidaymakers during a boat accident in Barbados.

The 23-year-old Sunderland star was on holiday in the Caribbean island in February recuperating at the Colony Club after an an operation on a cruciate knee ligament injury.

He and his girlfriend were on the fishing boat when the accident happened.

Rescued sailors reunited with yacht after abandoning it in “treacherous” seas

The footballer’s father, Ian Watmore, who is a chief executive of the Football Association, told the BBC that the catamaran had “just ploughed straight into the boat and ripped it in half”.

“They saw it and just assumed it was going to go round them and, when they realised it was coming straight at them, they started yelling and screaming but nothing changed,” he said.

“These catamarans are quite powerful and the blade just ripped the thing in half.”

A beach in Barbados, Caribbean

Duncan Watmore was staying at the Colony Club, Barbados

Duncan Watmore clambered up onto the catamaran and rescued the three passengers and skipper just as their fishing boat sank.

He even used his football shirt to make a tourniquet for one of the passenger’s legs which was bleeding while they waited on the catamaran for the coastguard.

His father said one of the passengers on board the boat couldn’t swim, another had just had a hip replacements and the other was over 80.

“All the guests were coming up to him and telling him what a hero he was and I think the whole thing was just very disorientating for him,” said Ian Watmore, who said his son was in shock after the incident.

It is not known how the catamaran came to hit the fishing boat.

Speaking at a press conference ahead of their match against Watford tomorrow, the Sunderland boss, David Moyes said he had nothing but admiration for his heroic winger.

“I didn’t know about it until I read it and asked him about it, but I’ve got to stay the story he told me was incredible,’ he said.

Tweet about Duncan Watmore

Sunderland AFC had some fun with the story on Twitter

“It’s a great thing he’s done; there was real danger and he helped save people’s lives.”

“I think he was milking it a bit yesterday,” joked Moyes.

“He’s a really good boy, a humble boy, and he certainly wasn’t in boasting about it that’s for sure,” added the Sunderland boss.