The US Navy were called in to help a family 900 miles out at sea after their one-year-old daughter fell ill during round-the-world sailing trip

A family of four on a round-the-world sailing trip had to be rescued by the US Navy on Thursday after their one-year-old daughter fell ill onboard a stricken yacht.
Charlotte and Eric Kaufman were hundreds of miles off the coast of Mexico when their daughter Lyra developed a fever and rash.
The family’s 36ft Hanse Christian Rebel Heart had lost steering and communication abilities but they were able to make an emergency call for help via satellite.
Rescue workers from the California Air National Guard parachuted down to the vessel and were able to stabilise the young child.
The family and four rescue crew were later transported to the USS Vandegrift and are now heading to San Diego to seek medical treatment for Lyra.
A relative of the family, Sariah Kay English, said Lyra had suffered salmonella poisoning before the family set sail from Mexico two weeks ago but had been given the all clear by doctors.
Mr and Mrs Kaufman said in a statement: “We are very thankful to be safe and well. We also appreciate all the concern, thoughts and prayers of everyone back home for the health of our daughter Lyra. She is doing well now, and her medical condition continues to improve.”
The parents are expected to arrive in San Diego with their two daughters later this week.

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