Filey RNLI lifeboat crews have rescued a woman after she fell down cliffs at Chimney Hole. It was their fourth call-out in 36 hours.

The crews of both the all-weather Mersey Class lifeboat, and Filey RNLI’s inshore lifeboat were called out just before 4am on 8 April, at the request of the Humber Coastguard.

It followed a report of a missing woman near the cliffs at Chimney Hole north of Filey.

Following an extensive search, the woman was located by the inshore lifeboat crew at the bottom of cliffs just to the north of Chimney Hole. She had fallen down the cliffs and had sustained injuries to her head and legs. She was also suffering from severe cold.

In complete darkness and at high water, the inshore lifeboat crew, assisted by crew from the all-weather lifeboat, rescued the woman with the aid of a stretcher. She was put on board the all-weather lifeboat and taken to Scarborough Harbour to an awaiting ambulance.

The Filey RNLI Press Officer, John Ward said: “This was a challenging search and quite a difficult rescue for both crews to undertake given the conditions. However, this is what we are trained to do and I must congratulate both crews on a job very well done.”

This was the fourth call-out in 36 hours for Filey RNLI.

On the afternoon of 6 April, the crew of the inshore lifeboat responded to reports that a small boat might be in difficulty close to Filey Brig. It turned out to be a small salmon coble swaying heavily at anchor in the gusty south-westerly wind.

In the meantime, just to the south of Filey, an elderly gentleman had fallen down the cliffs. Filey Coast Rescue Team along with Coastguard Rescue Helicopter 912 were dispatched and Filey inshore lifeboat was sent as soon as the previous call-out had been closed.

On arrival, it was discovered that two girls had assisted the gentleman to the top, but that one of the girls had become stuck in the mud at the base of the cliff. The inshore lifeboat crew managed to land on the beach at high water and, after extracting the girl from the mud, returned her to her parents.

The elderly gentleman was eventually transferred by helicopter to Hull Royal Infirmary.

Filey RNLI’s coxswain/mechanic, Berry Robson, said, “These were two quite different tasks for the ILB crew. Those who dialled 999 about the boat did the right thing as it was swaying heavily in the wind and it did appear that someone was in it. The two girls did a grand job helping the elderly gentleman; it was just bad luck that one of them should get stuck in the mud after her fine efforts.”