Falmouth Coastguard was called out to Elizmor yesterday morning after reports of a fire in the engine room

A renovated fishing vessel had to be rescued off the coast of Cornwall on Wednesday morning after a fire broke out in the engine room.
Falmouth Coastguard attended the 53ft vessel, which had been on a passage from Preston to Falmouth following a large renovation project.
The fire on board Elizmor was caused by an overheating exhaust but was quickly put out by the four crew.
The fishing boat was taken undertow by the all weather lifeboat and safely moored at Falmouth Marina later in the day.
MFV Elizmor started life as a wooden ringnetter built in 1948 by the Millers yard in Scotland.
A young sailor named Eleanor has spent several months bringing her back to life after purchasing the boat in November last year.
Prior to this, she had been laid up in Preston Marina for more than a decade.
Elizmor was launched in April for her first trip out on the water in 13 years.