A father and son were rescued on Saturday after they were thrown from their fishing boat

A father and son had a lucky escape on

Saturday following a freak engine accident that saw them thrown into the sea

and circled by their vessel.

Their fishing boat’s engine had broken down

and the pair were attempting to fix it when it restarted in gear and was set to

full speed. 

The men were immediately thrown into the

water and the fishing boat continued to circle out of control around them for

40 minutes.

The vessel only came to a stop when it ran

out of fuel and the younger man was able to climb back on board and send out a

Mayday distress call.

Meanwhile, his father had been carried

nearly a quarter of a mile from the boat by the tide.

Volunteer crewman Cameron Bond who

responded to the distress call, said: “When we pulled the man from the sea he

was shaking violently and couldn’t speak.

“I knew from my RNLI training that I had to

get the guy back to the beach as fast as I could so the crew from the lifeboat

station could give him first aid.”

Both men were taken ashore and then

transferred to the James Cook University Hospital in Middlesbrough by


The Redcar lifeboat later returned to the

scene to tow the fishing boat back to land, where volunteers put the boat on

its trailer.

Redcar RNLI’s Dave Cocks, said: “The two

men have had an extremely lucky escape. There have been some tragic accidents

involving boats when people are thrown into the sea and the boat’s engine keeps


“It was extremely fortunate that one of our

own lifeboat crew members was at sea fishing when the Mayday went out. He was

quickly on scene to rescue the man from the water; otherwise it could have been


“Both men really owe a lot to the RNLI’s

training on this occasion.”

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