A child molester and former Exmouth Coastguard has been jailed for three years after stalking two young girls home from school

Former RNLI crewman Andrew Rodger has been jailed after stalking two schoolgirls earlier this year and indecently exposing himself.
The children, aged 10 and 11, were scared that Mr Rodger was going to abduct them after he followed them home on June 21.
The 57-year-old, who is a known paedophile in the area, was banned from parks and school gates but defied a court order to stay away from children.
He exposed himself to the two girls through his car window, Exeter Crown Court was told.
Mr Rodger, who is a retired coastguard and RNLI crewman, used to be the deputy launching authority for the local lifeboat until he retired as result of illness.
He was issued with a Sexual Offences Prevention Order (SOPO) in December last year after making and possessing images of child abuse.
Mr Rodger admitted engaging in sexual activity in the presence of children, exposure, and breach of SOPO and was jailed for three years and eight weeks.
Judge Phillip Wassall said: “Your stalking was cold and calculated and you were plainly doing it for sexual gratification. You eventually pulled up next to them and exposed yourself and they could see you smiling as you did it.
“They were terrified. They were very upset and distressed and ran to a relative’s home because it was the nearest place of safety.”

The judge ordered Mr Rodger to remain under a SOPO and on the sex offenders’ register for life.

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