The toiletries set, valued at more than £200, was bought at a charity shop for £5. It would have been a gift given to guests staying on Donald Trump's yacht

A vanity box from Donald Trump’s former yacht, the Trump Princess, was valued yesterday (31 August) at up to £200 at the Antiques Roadshow in Suffolk.

The set was bought 12 years ago for £5 at a charity shop in Cirencester, Gloucestershire, by Jeff Evans.
The blue box is filled with toiletries and vanity kits which would have been given to guests staying on Donald Trump’s yacht.

men with toiletry box at the BBC Antique Road Show

The Trump Princess was purchased by Donald Trump in 1987. It was later sold in 1991.

Mr Evans said: “I wanted to put cufflinks and watches in, but found it full of tat.”

Mr Evans continued: “My wife wouldn’t let me throw any of it out and it’s been in a cupboard ever since. When we heard Antiques Roadshow was coming to Helmingham Hall Gardens I thought, ‘I’ve got to find out how much it is worth’.”

BBC presenter Fiona Bruce said: “This has been my favourite item of the Antiques Roadshow this year – I wanted to see if the comb within had ever been used to style the Presidential coiffure!”

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Expert Marc Allum valued the vanity box between £100-200: “However, it wouldn’t surprise me if it gathers more reaction if it goes up for sale. It’s a great bit of kitsch.”

box of toiletries

Mr Evans said he was shocked at the value of the item: “Unbelievable – it’s a bit of plastic! I probably wouldn’t sell it and will most likely put it back in the cupboard”.

The episode filmed on location at Helmingham Hall Gardens, Suffolk, will be air on BBC One later this year.