The grounded cargo ship Lysblink Seaway is now anchored nearby

The grounded cargo ship Lysblink Seaway self-floated just before 9pm off the coast of Scotland on Thursday night after running onto rocks earlier in the week.

Now anchored nearby, the vessel is still leaking a small amount of oil but remains in a stable condition.

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An absorbent boom was put in place on Wednesday to collect any dispersing oil, as crews continue to work to reduce any impact on the environment.

The secretary of state’s representative Hugh Shaw said: “Anything that can be captured and removed to minimise damage to the environment, we will do.”

Two salvage companies; Svitzer and Smit are involved in the recovery operation, along with a team of two – Salvage Master and Naval Architect.

Assessments of the vessel continue to be carried out as dive teams inspect the full condition of the ship.

An Maritime and Coastguard Agency spokesperson said: “There is a lot of salvage work still to be done and as a matter of urgency the dive inspection needs to be completed so that the full condition of the vessel is known.

“Equipment is still being brought to the site for the salvors but it is not easy to get to, making travel time longer.”

It’s not yet known how the 423ft ship came to ground near Kilchoan and an investigation into the incident is due to be launched.