Experienced boaters needed to help manage the Thames

The Environment Agency is searching for experienced boaters to help manage the River Thames, which stretches for over 125 miles. Volunteers will help patrol officers to enforce bylaws on the river, keep channels navigable and ensure events and river closures happen safely.
“The River Thames is a public highway, like a road, and it is up to us to look after it and the people who use it,” said Andrew Graham, waterways volunteer manager at the Environment Agency.
“This is an exciting opportunity,” he added. “As a volunteer boatman you will meet all types of people and every day there will be different challengers and situations to deal with.”
Volunteers need to be confident boaters with experience in navigating boats in all types of river conditions. They will also need to commit to regular days during the year in order to build up a thorough knowledge and understanding of the river.
To find out more or get an application pack, please email thames.volunteers@environment-agency.gov.uk or call 01491 828360.

Photo of the River Thames at Datchett by Darren Smith.

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