Dozens of fire fighters called in to tackle a blaze involving a luxury yacht in the centre of York

A luxury yacht moored outside a city centre pub was engulfed in flames on Saturday night, causing nearby pubs and business to be evacuated.
Seven fire engines and 35 firefighters were called in to tackle the blaze on board a 47ft private yacht moored at King’s Staith in York.
Emergency services were alerted to the fire on Silver C, at around 7pm after members of the public phoned 999.

Some city centre roads were closed as a result of the fire, along with Ouse Bridge.
Fire crews were sent onto the yacht with breathing apparatus and found no one on board.
The owners were nearby and told emergency services that the boat had been filled with diesel not long before the fire began.
Nobody was injured in the blaze, which eventually saw the yacht sink, and fire investigation officers are working to establish the cause of the blaze.
North Yorkshire Fire Service’s Group Manager Graham Buckle said: “This was an unusual incident. We don’t see many boat fires, but it was made easier for us by the boat being moored so we didn’t have to ferry equipment into the middle of the river.”
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