Police are still searching for a luxury yacht after it was hijacked by pirates in the Mediterranean last month

Authorities continue to search for a luxury yacht Armageddon after it was hijacked by pirates last month in the Mediterranean.
Three crew were onboard the 55ft yacht when it was boarded by four armed and masked men, according to reports by Europe Radio 1.
After being held captive for around three hours in a cabin, the owner and crew were set adrift in the yacht’s life raft and eventually washed ashore on the north coast of Corsica.
No one was harmed during the incident but the location of the vessel is still unknown.
The yacht had been sailing near îlots des Moines, north of Bonifacio, when it was taken over by the pirates.
Sailors are being asked to keep an eye out for the vessel, which is highly noticeable due to its modern shape and red main sail.
Anyone with information regarding the yacht and its whereabouts are being asked to email francois.tregouet@glyachting.com or call +33 (0)231690392.

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