A man has been found guilty of handling stolen goods after a number of outboard engines were stolen from Essex

A man has been convicted of handling stolen goods after numerous outboard engines were stolen from a yacht harbour in Essex.
Matthew Lamb, 34, was jailed for 14 months for handling stolen property and drugs offences.
Essex Police launched an investigation in February after a number of thefts from Burnham Yacht Harbour were reported.
Work by Essex Police Marine Unit saw several premises searched, which led to an arrest. There is an ongoing investigation into another suspect, who has not been named.
Property estimated to be worth around £10k-£15k along with a small amount of drugs were recovered from locations across the UK.
A number of victims have now been reunited with their stolen property after police traced items to an address in Cheshire using eBay.
Outboard engine owner Graham Woodward from Chelmsford was one of them. He told the Essex Chronicle: “I am exceptionally impressed with Essex Police tracking down and returning my outboard motor and the successful prosecution of the person responsible.”
PC Heckles said: “The case demonstrates the positive outcome that can be achieved by recording property serial numbers and underlines the importance of taking certain crime prevention measures such as, where feasible, the removal of outboard engines when not in use.
“It also shows the determination of Essex Police to pursue and prosecute those involved in marine crime.”

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