A Scottish man is facing jail after he cut a friend’s fishing boat adrift following an argument

A man is facing jail after cutting a friend’s fishing boat lose from a harbour, resulting in it crashing into a footbridge.
Duncan McMillan set the boat adrift in St Andrews harbour on February 9th after his relationship with the vessel’s owner “turned sour”.
The 41-year-old fled the scene after cutting the ropes that secured the boat, which was used to fish lobster, crab and prawn.
The vessel then drifted off the Fife coast and was spotted the following morning “firmly lodged” under a footbridge near the St Andrews shore. The hull, keel and wheelhouse had been damage as a result.
Fiscal deputy Joanne Smith told Cupar Sheriff Court: “In the following days it seems the accused eventually made contact with the owner and admitted carrying out the act and offered to pay for the damage in full.”
Mr McMillan pleaded guilty to a charge of vandalism and his sentence has been deferred until next month.

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