Skipper had been attempting to help a fellow kayaker when he was flipped out of his boat

A man had to be rescued on Saturday after
he fell from his boat and it continued to circle out of control around him. 

The man had been acting as a safety boat
for several pedalos off Swanage when he noticed a child being blown
out to sea on a kayak.

As he made his way towards the child, he
was flipped out of his boat and into the water.

The driver was not wearing a kill cord,
meaning the boat continued to circle around him with no one at the helm.

Other personal motorboats in the area were
able to assist the man, bring the boat under control and helping him back on

Portland Coastguard watch manager Cindy
Rodaway, said: “We are very relieved that everyone is safe and well and that there are
no injuries resulting from this incident.

“This incident highlights the importance of wearing a kill cord whilst
in charge of a motorboat. The kill cord, is designed to kill your engine in the event of you going

“All owners and
drivers of open powerboats, personal watercraft and RIBs should ensure that if
their boat is fitted with a kill switch and kill cord, it is correctly used. 

“On a powerboat
the kill cord should be attached securely around the thigh and on a personal
watercraft it should be attached to the buoyancy aid.”

This latest
incident comes just two weeks after another couple had to be rescued when they
were thrown into the water
as their boat continued to circle around them because the
skipper was not wearing a kill cord.

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