A man who was trying to help a school rowing team ended up being swept over a Thames weir on Monday afternoon

A man had a lucky

escape on Monday after he survived being swept over Shiplake Weir on the Thames

in Henley.

He had been attempting

to help a school rowing team who were in difficulty when the incident occurred at

around 4:45pm.

The support boat the

man was onboard was swept under the weir’s safety chains, sending him into the


Royal Berkshire Fire

and Rescue station manager Jeremy James said the man was “extremely lucky” to

have survived.

Speaking to the BBC,

Mr James said: “An adult member of staff went through the catch ropes and then

continued to come down the river with the vessel.”

“The member of staff,

we believe, held on to part of that structure but could only hold on for so

long when he let go and then came down through those gates and then got flushed

out further down the river.”

The man suffered

minimal injuries as a result of the incident.