An Australian man has been fined after repeatedly ramming a great white shark with his boat and beating it with a pole

A man who used his boat to deliberately kill a great white shark has been fined the equivalent of almost £10,000.
The 40-year-old Australian was found guilty of harming a threatened species after he repeatedly rammed the shark with his boat’s propeller before using rope to drag the animal to a boat ramp and beat it with a metal pole.
The incident, which occurred south of Sydney during January 2012, saw Justin Adam Clark lead the shark into shallow waters, where he carried out his brutal attack.
With the help of a second boat, Mr Clark tied rope round the shark’s tale and towed it ashore.
The New South Wales government said in a statement: “This conviction sends a strong message that harming of our threatened species will not be tolerated.”
“Everyone needs to know the rules and ignorance is no excuse.”
Mr Clark was fined and ordered to pay court costs, while the second man, who helped tow the shark, was given a six-month good behaviour bond.
Great white sharks are currently protected in Australian waters.

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