The yacht, May Dream was found listing heavily in Plockton bay in the North West Highlands of Scotland after running aground.

Members of the RNLI were tasked just before 4am on 27 June after the yacht, May Dream ran aground in Plockton Bay, Scotland.

The 36 foot vessel had broken its mooring and drifted before running aground.

The two crew on board the vessel, which was listing heavily with the receding tide, were trying to secure the yacht to the shore when members of the Kyle of Lochalsh RNLI arrived.

A volunteer crew member was put ashore to make sure the yachtsmen were not injured and to check the condition of the craft.

The lifeboat then stayed on scene at Plockton Bay until low water, to make sure the yacht did not roll over or suffer any further damage as it dried out.

Once the lifeboat crew were satisfied that the yachtsmen were safe and in no danger, Kyle lifeboat returned to station.

Its crew then launched again to return to the scene.

This was to make sure the yacht was not taking on any water or leaking fuel as it refloated on the incoming tide.

The lifeboat put a crew member and salvage pump on board the yacht until it was confirmed that there was no water ingress.

Once the yacht was refloated and was back in deeper water, the lifeboat escorted it to a safe mooring.