Two fishermen were left stranded in the ocean after their boat was overturned by a 12ft wave

Two missing fishermen were rescued off the coast of Florida on Monday after clinging to their capsized boat for more than 15 hours.
Justyn Bradley and Cory Bowman were on a fishing trip when their 21ft vessel was overturned by a 12ft wave.
“It was a sheer wall [of water]. It broke over the boat. There was no time to think of what happened. It rolled the boat instantly,” Mr Bradley told WPBF.
“We had to go through a whole night where a plane came close and left,” he added.
With all their communication devices lost when the boat was flipped over, they were left stranded 12 miles from the shore.
When the pair failed to return home on Sunday, the wives of the two men contacted the coast guard and a search operation commenced to find the fishermen.
The two men were spotted at around 8.30am on Monday following a search by aircrews.
Shortly after, a civilian boat sighted the two fishermen on top of their boat and went over to help, pulling them to safety.
Mr Bradley and Mr Bowman luckily did not suffer any injuries but were treated for exhaustion and dehydration.

Following their ordeal, Mr Bradley had these words of advice to fellow anglers: “Let people know where you’re going, let
them know what your plan is.”

“Outside of that, you got nothing. You can’t just say you’re going
fishing. You need to let them know you’re going north, south, what depth
you’re going to be in, and be in contact with them, in case something
like this happens so you can be found.”

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