Two Scottish fishermen who went missing earlier in the week have been reunited with their families after being rescued on Thursday

Two missing fishermen have been reunited with their families after they were rescued on Thursday morning.
Jim Reid, 75 and his grandson David Irvine, 35, were feared lost at sea off the coast of Scotland after failing to return home from a fishing trip on Tuesday.
Following several searches by rescue crews, the two men were found onboard their open-top 16ft creel boat by another fishing vessel, 45 miles off the coast.
The pair became stranded on Tuesday when their boat’s compass gave out.
Mr Irvine had also forgotten to bring his mobile phone with him, meaning they had no way of contacting anyone for help.
Speaking to the BBC, Mr Reid said: “After about seven hours, we knew we were lost.
“I’ve been out thousands of times in fog and never once made a mistake.
“After seven hours I set a course to come in west, and after nine hours we still weren’t finding land.”
Several large ships passed the pair but all of them failed to notice the men who survived their ordeal with just two biscuits and a bottle of water.
After receiving help from a fellow fishing boat, the two were transported back to shore via an RNLI rescue vessel.
RNLI Montrose coxswain Scott Murray said: “When we took the men aboard they were quiet. They just wanted to get back home as soon as possible.
“They were so lucky to have been found alive. They were in remarkably good condition considering their ordeal. I have been with the RNLI 23 years and normally when you are searching for such a long time you fear the worst.
“But on this occasion there has been such a happy outcome – we are all delighted.”

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