Runaway luxury cruiser causes thousands of pounds of damage during boat show manoeuvres

A 25ft yacht has sunk and several other boats have been damaged following a dramatic boat crash at a boat show in Australia.

The collision occurred when a Fairline accelerated backwards at
significant speed while being moved into position for the boat show,
causing thousands of pounds worth of damage.

Due to size and space restraints, the luxury cruiser was unable to stop
before it crashed into the jetty, which in turn, collided with the 25ft
privately-owned yacht, causing it to sink.

Show director Peter Woods, described the incident as unfolding “like a little pack of cards”.

Currently, it is unclear whether the collision occurred as a result of a mechanical or human error. However, Woods admitted that the yacht, which is
owned by a member of the Mandurah Offshore Sailing and Fishing club, was
situated in a vulnerable position given the sheer size of the Fairline.

“Because it’s such a big boat and the space requirements, we couldn’t
actually stop it so it actually barged straight into the jetty, which
barged into a 25 foot yacht.”

“It just pretty much swamped it and it sunk pretty quick on the bottom,” he added.

Efforts are underway to recover the sunken boat, while insurers assess potential damages claims.

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Image by ABC News