The occupiers of the narrowboat, Golden Eagle, got a surprise while making their way up the River Avon - they hit a submerged Land Rover.

West Merica Police are trying to trace the owner of a red Land Rover following a collision with a narrowboat on the River Avon.

Those on board the Golden Eagle were meandering up the River Avon when they crashed into the submerged vehicle at the rear of Cleeve Prior.


Narrowboat and Land Rover collide on River Avon

The Land Rover can just be seen beneath the service. Credit: Evesham SNTS/Twitter

The concerned boaters contacted the police.

Both officers with West Merica and the Hereford and Worcester Fire Service attended the scene.

A tractor was used to remove the Land Rover from the River Avon.

Once on land, the vehicle was thoroughly searched by officers.

No one was found inside.

Narrowboat and Land Rover collide on River Avon

Police officers are now trying to search for the owner of the Land Rover. Credit: Evesham SNTS/Twitter

The police are now investigating the bizarre accident, and would like to trace the owner of the red Land Rover Freelander.

It is thought that the vehicle may have been pushed into the river.

The incident happened just before 12pm on 25 August.

The police thanked river users and local businesses for assisting officers with recovering the Land Rover.