The confused driver had to be rescued after she made the wrong turn onto the Monmouthshire and Brecon Canal towpath in Wales.

An 80-year-old driver had to be rescued after she took a wrong turn onto the towpath of the Monmouth and Brecon Canal in Wales.

The confused pensioner had to be flagged down by boaters as she travelled down the narrow path.

She drove around a quarter of a mile along the route before she stopped.

The elderly woman managed to get out of the car, even though two wheels of the silver Ford Fiesta were hanging over the edge of the canal.

Police and staff from the Canal & River Trust were called to the scene.

The car had to be craned back on to the road from a nearby bridge.

Supervisor at the Canal & River Trust,Kevin Phillips, said: “We were very sorry to see that the driver had got in a bit of a muddle, and glad we could help get them back on the right track.”

“It’s a very good thing the boaters stopped her going any further, as she may well have got a bit wet if she’d tried to go around the bridge,” he continued.

“We’re always asking boaters, cyclists and walkers to share the towpath because it’s such a narrow space, but they don’t usually have a Ford Fiesta to contend with,” stated Phillips.

“It’s definitely one of the more unusual things we’ve come across on the towpath.”