Portsmouth City Council has proposed a design for the new 12-sided pound coin to feature warship HMS Victory

The new 12-sided pound coin could feature Lord
Nelson’s warship HMS Victory following a design bid from Portsmouth City

The council announced their ambitions for
the new coin, which is due to come into circulation in 2017, earlier this week.

Councillor Gerald Vernon Jackson also wants
the city’s Spinnaker Tower to feature on the new coin.

“HMS Victory is world-famous and symbolises
our amazing heritage as the home of the Royal Navy, while the Spinnaker Tower
has become an iconic modern image for the whole of the south of England,” he

“My idea is it would be good to have coins from different cities around the country, and this would be the Portsmouth pound.”

A prototype of the coin has been produced
by a graphic designer and will be put forward to the Royal Mint for

The current £1 is being replaced with a
12-sided coin in order to tackle the number of fake ones currently in