A boat travelling at high speed crashed into a yacht on Saturday night before flying through the air into a wharf, injuring four people

A speedboat crash has left four injured

after a collision with a yacht and a wharf at 11.30pm on Saturday.

A young couple, who were at the helm of the

speedboat, were reportedly weaving between moored yachts before the crash at

Herald Island in West Auckland.  

Local fisherman Jayson Hoff told the New Zealand

Herald: “I was fishing nearby with three mates when we heard a boat travelling

at high speed and then there was a bang. The speedboat had no lights on and

must have been doing about 50km/h when it smashed straight into the back of the


It then flew through the air and hit the wharf. If the wharf hadn’t been there,

the boat would have taken out me and my mates.”

The boat mounted the wharf before slipping

back into the water and sinking, according to eyewitnesses.

The crash left a young woman travelling in

the speedboat with severe injuries, while two others suffered moderate injuries and

one minor injuries.  

A family of four, including two children,

had been sleeping on board the yacht when the speedboat crashed into it. 

Police are investigating reports that the

driver of the speedboat had been drinking.

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