The French government announced last week that they would find an alternative solution to protecting Bonifacio’s sea bed

Controversial plans to introduce an anchoring tax to much of the French coastline have been scrapped by the government.

The NOTre bill would have seen a daily anchoring levy applied to more than 300 managed marine areas around the country in a bid to prevent damage to sea beds.

Initially only set to be introduced off Corsica, the plans were then extended throughout France.

Last May the French Senate voted to abandon the tax, with the Assembly also supporting that decision last week on 2 July.

Minister Matylise Lebranchu has now committed to finding another solution to preventing Bonifacio’s sea bed from being damaged by boats, while also protecting the economy.

Following the announcement, the European Committee for Professional Yachting said: “It is good news, especially as at this day, the yachting industry represents 1.5 billion Euros in France, including €720m in Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur.”