Kent Police are selling a 54ft motorboat at auction – Bidders need a £10k deposit to take part

Kent Police is selling one of its boats at auction due to changes to the force’s marine unit.
The 54ft vessel, Princess Alexandra III, formerly belonged to the RNLI and can travel up to 27 knots.
Kent Police purchased the boat eight years ago for £150,000 and spent £200,000 refitting her to the force’s specifications.
Princess Alexandra III is currently being listed in an online auction, which finishes on 21 March.
A deposit of £10,000 is needed for a prospective buyer to place a bid and all police logos will be removed before the sale.
A Kent Police spokesman told Kent Online: “The force has taken the decision to sell the Princess Alexandra III as the cost of maintaining such a large vessel was not proportionate to the benefits it provided.
“The force has other vessels that are cheaper to run and which provide sufficient off-shore capacity.”

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