The 74-year-old went missing earlier this month after his yacht was found drifting off Brighton

Dive teams have begun

carrying out underwater searches in Brighton Marina in a bid to find missing

yachtsman Len King.

Sussex Police began their operations on Monday and are expected to

finish on Wednesday.

The 74-year-old from

East Sussex went missing on 9 November after his 70ft Sunseeker Stefefree was found unmanned, banging into the marina


Sussex Police said in a statement: “Divers from Sussex Police’s Specialist Search Unit have been undertaking a search at Brighton Marina in connection with the disappearance of yachtsman Len King on November 9.

“The search is a part of enquiries ongoing into his disappearance. The search on Wednesday started again at 10am inside the marina arm.”

Mr King’s wife raised

concerns for his safety late on the Sunday after he failed to return home from

a solo sailing trip.

A major search

operation was launched immediately after, involving several RNLI lifeboats and

a coastguard helicopter, but was sadly unable to find any trace of the missing

yachtsman and was later suspended on 10 November.

Speaking of

his disappearance, Mr King’s wife Stephanie has previously said: “Len is an

experienced yachtsman and has been sailing since he was at least 20. Normally

we go together but during the week if its calm weather he may go off by


“He went off

just before lunch. I was expecting him home for dinner time. I phoned him

several times but his phone was unable to connect so I thought he was

on his way back. I called the person who has a boat next to us

and he thought we were away.

“I can’t

understand what has happened. He is a very experienced yachtsman. He has all

his equipment doubled up and is always careful. That is the way he runs


Officers are liaising with Mr King’s family as they continue enquiries surrounding

his disappearance.

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