It’s the third time in recent months that HMS Argyll has intercepted drug smugglers at sea

The Royal Navy has seized £36m worth of

cocaine from a vessel following a high-speed midnight chase across the


This most recent drugs bust is the third

carried out by HMS Argyll in the last

few months, with the latest haul detaining 850kg of the illegal drug.

The Plymouth based frigate apprehended the

suspect boat after being alerted by a US customs aircraft, which directed the

ship to intercept.


was pushed to maximum speed and quickly

closed the 70-mile gap between them and the smugglers.

As the warship approached the suspect

vessel, a high-speed chase ensued, with the smugglers attempting to dispose of

the evidence by throwing it overboard.

High tech radar technology was used to

guide a small patrol boat, which surrounded the smugglers and forced them to


Lieutenant Matthew Turner said: “It was an

intense couple of hours as we were trying to out-think and out-maneuver a small

boat which can change direction in an instant.

“I think our training, during which we push

the ship and ourselves to the limit, really helped us to make this operation

such a success.”

This is the third time the ship has

intercepted drug smugglers, having now seized a total of 1,600kg of cocaine

with a combined value of more than £68m.


commanding officer Paul Hammond said: “This

night time drugs seizure had no helicopter support and was our most challenging

and satisfying yet.

“The Royal Navy has helped remove a large

quantity of drugs from circulation and that, along with our disaster relief and

engagement work, has helped demonstrate the value for money a modern day

warship provides.”

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