The Tall Ships Youth Trust is putting its sail training vessel, Stavros S Niarchos, on the market as part of modernisation plans

For 17 years, the brig, Stavros S Niarchos, has been giving young people the chance to sail the world’s oceans through voyages organised by the Tall Ships Youth Trust.
Now, the 200-foot square rigged cadet training ship is going under the hammer as part of the trust’s modernisation plans.
Speaking to YBW, the chief executive of the trust, Richard Leaman said the trustees have asked him to modernise the organisation’s existing fleet which means the Stavros S Niarchos has to be sold.
“She can take up to 48 young people and runs for around six months of the year,” explained Leaman, who has only been in the post for four weeks.
Crew on a tall ship pull on the ropes

Pulling on the ropes. Credit: Tall Ships Youth Trust

“Sadly, the capacity on her has not always been utilised so the trust have asked me to modernise the fleet. The intention, donors permitting, is to replace Stavros with a schooner which can take up to 24 people,” he said, adding that it is hoped that another schooner will also be bought in the future.
Since the Stavros S Niarchos was built by the Stavros Foundation in 2000, the ship has sailed the Mediterranean sea, the Baltic, across the Atlantic Ocean and has gone as far east as the Suez.
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The ship is being sold through CW Kellock & Co, and has no reserve price, although there is a buy-it-now price of £3.5 million for those who can’t wait until the bidding starts on Sunday (20 August).
Bidding will be by sealed tender only until midday on 20 September 2017, and appointments can be made to inspect the ship in Cork, Portsmouth and London.
A brig in full sail on the open ocean

Sailing into the sunset. Credit: Tall Ships Youth Trust

Stavros S Niarchos will then be delivered to the successful bidder in Portsmouth in early October 2017.

“The vessel has done some amazing work and I want to put on record the amazing leadership by the permanent and volunteer crew of the vessel. Irrespective of where they’ve gone, the work they provide for young people is really life changing stuff,” stated Leaman.

“Many of the young people who go on these voyages are from troubled backgrounds. A week away on the ship helps them to build self-confidence, leadership skills, team building skills, navigation and seamanship which helps them to become a more independent and positive person,”, he added.

The ship is coded as a large commercial yacht under the MCA Large Commercial (Mega) Yacht Code.

Those not wishing to use the Stavros S Niarchos as a purpose built cadet training ship are advised to inspect the vessel.