A sailing instructor on trial for speeding in Cardiff Bay was encouraged to “go faster” before boat crash that left schoolgirl brain damaged, hears jury

A jury at Cardiff

Crown Court have this week heard how a sailing instructor was encouraged to “go

faster” before colliding with another speed boat in Cardiff Bay.

The incident, which occurred

at night on 27 October 2010, saw four of the schoolgirls onboard

thrown from the boat, with one suffering brain damage as a result.

Nia Jones and Elleni

Morus were transporting a group of 24 schoolgirls, who were taking part in a

week long sailing course, back to accommodation after a night out ice skating.

One of the young

passengers onboard Miss Jones’ boat said the sailing instructor began speeding

and weaving the boat after encouragement from the schoolgirls onboard, aged

between 10 and 14-years-old.


were urging Nia to go faster and she said, ‘sod it’ and then did it,” she

told the court while giving evidence via video link.


were excited but some people told Nia to slow down. She went over the wake of

the other boat a couple of times before we crashed.”


before we collided I think we all knew we were going to crash but we didn’t

move or scream, we didn’t have time to.”

According to

the schoolgirl, Miss Jones had been jumping over the waves made by Miss Morus’

vessel – something the two instructors had been warned against doing.  

The pair, both now

20-years-old, have admitted to driving the two vessels without navigation

lights on but deny speeding and not keeping a proper lookout.

Organisers of the sailing course,

Nicholas Sawyer and PMB & SC Ltd, have admitted offences relating to the

accident, as well as breaking health and safety regulations.

The trial continues.

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