An ocean mapping project is asking boat owners to help with logging data about the world’s sea beds

Sailors across the
world are being asked to help log crucial data about large parts of the world’s

Satellite navigation
project, Treamsurv, is looking for thousands of boats to collect information
using a small device that will be kept on board.

Using this instrument,
Teamsurv will be able to build up detailed maps of sea depths as boats go about
their voyages.

Teamsurv’s Tim Thornton told the BBC: “At the moment we’ve got about 200 boats logging data and sending it into us. There’s nine million potentially, if we can get a tenth of a percent that would be very good.” 

The team are hoping to
recruit volunteers across the globe to gather data, which will then be
published online and made available for people to use and share. 

Boaters will be
supplied with the data-capture instrument and logging software free of charge.

The Teamsurv project
has been granted funding from the UK Satellite Navigation competition, an
initiative set up to support start-ups that use satellite data.

For more information on the project and to sign-up to take part  visit Teamsurv’s

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