Dutch authorities have sent a Navy warship to the location of the shipwreck

The shipwreck of a fishing boat that went missing in the Channel last week has been found.

A survey vessel located the missing boat on Tuesday, a mile away from its last communications position in the south east of the Channel.

Dutch authorities have sent a Royal Netherlands Navy warship to the wreck’s location, with a diving team and Dutch police on board.

Two officers from the Belgian shipping inspection, in charge of the investigation, are also on the warship, which is expected to arrive in the area on Wednesday morning.

The missing vessel had been fishing in the Dover Strait a week ago, when it failed to return from its trip and a major search operation was launched.

A coastguard rescue helicopter and three all-weather lifeboats were involved in scouring the seas, along with a French search and rescue helicopter.

Four crew are believed to have been on board the boat, with two bodies recovered from the water the following day.

The Dutch authorities will now lead the investigation into the wreck.