Rescue teams launched a search for fishermen Mick Endres after discovering his empty fishing boat anchored to the seabed

A boat with no skipper was found off the coast of New South Wales, Australia on Saturday morning.
Fishermen and boat owner Mick Endres is presumed dead after rescue crews discovered the abandoned vessel with the engine still running.
When rescue crews boarded the vessel, they found a spanner crab trap anchoring the boat to the seabed.
The alarm was first raised on Saturday morning when Mr Endres failed to return to shore, having last made radio contact 30 hours earlier.
Despite extensive searches of the area, Westpac Rescue helicopter was unable to locate the missing fishermen and the operation was called off on Tuesday.
Mr Endres, who was an experienced fishermen, had been out on his 7m aluminium boat Julie, when officials believe he may have fallen overboard.
Coffs harbour water police coordinator Don Stewart warned that the possibility of Mr Endres surviving three days at sea is “virtually non-existent”.
Three additional helicopters, one fixed wing aircraft and numerous coastguard vessels were all drafted in to help with the search but sadly their endeavours were fruitless.
Despite searches of the ocean being called off, local police will continue to carry out foot patrols along the beach.

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