The skipper of the speedboat had managed to make it to shore and was struggling to hold onto the speedboat as it smashed against rocks on Southsea seafront

Volunteers with the Gosport and Farnham Inshore Rescue Service (GAFIRS) went to the aid of a speedboat skipper, when his vessel was in danger of being smashed to pieces at Southsea, Portsmouth at the weekend.

Rescuers were tasked by the UK Coastguard to assist after engine failure left the vessel in difficulty.

It was being smashed against the rocks on Southsea seafront.

GAFIRS was on routine patrol near the Portsmouth Harbour entrance when they received the call just before midday on Saturday (13 May).

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Commenting on the rescue, GAFIRS coxswain, Peter Byford, said: “When we arrived the small speedboat was on the rocks and the skipper, who was on the shore, was struggling to hold it in place.”

“I placed a crewman onto the shore to assess the situation, he found the vessel had been swamped with water and was taking on more with every wave that crashed over the stern,” he continued.

An orange and black lifeboat travels at speed through the water

Volunteers with GAFIRS responded to the request by UK Coastguard. Credit: GAFIRS

“As everyone was safe and well the priority was securing the vessel,” explained Byford.

GAFIRS lifeboat crew worked alongside Portsmouth Coastguard Rescue Team and Portsea Rescue’s shore team to make the vessel safe on the shore.

Later on Saturday afternoon, the speedboat was bailed out, refloated and recovered by Portsea Rescue.

The incident was GAFIRS’ 28th of the year.