Sunderland RNLI Station were amongst the emergency services that were called to assist a distressed man on Sunderland’s Wearmouth Bridge

Last Sunday (27 March) Humber Coastguard contacted the Lifeboat Operations Manager of Sunderland RNLI to request the immediate launch of their relief Atlantic 85 Inshore Lifeboat “James Dugdale”.

Northumbria Police had received reports of a distressed man climbing over safety
railings on the south west corner of Wearmouth Bridge.

Eight minutes later the RNLI lifeboat launched under the command of Helmsman Ian
They were assisted by shore-based teams from Sunderland Coastguard, Tyne & Wear Fire Brigade, North East Ambulance Service and Northumbria Police.

Paul Nicholson, Senior Helmsman at Sunderland RNLI said;

“We were requested to travel up river and hold a position approximately fifty metres east of the bridge while police negotiators’ attempted to talk the man into climbing back over the safety railings”.

After almost an hour the man indicated that he was willing to climb back over the railings.
Once he was safely over the railings and in police custody the Lifeboat
and Coastguard volunteers were allowed to stand down.

“Thankfully the police negotiators were able to talk the man
into climbing back over the railings to safety before bring himself to
any harm” Paul added.