A former Royal Marine surgeon had to have his finger reattached after injuring himself during a yachting accident

A sailor partially severed his finger while trying to restart a yacht’s engine on Saturday afternoon.
The former Royal Marine surgeon was in the process of delivering the 40ft yacht Sheqel to Plymouth when the vessel’s engine failed.
A lifeboat spokesman said: “At approximately 4pm, the yacht’s engine failed and the owner and crew set about trying to restart it, when the engine cover dropped and partially severed the owner’s finger.”
After the crew onboard contacted Portland coastguard, the Torbay lifeboat and a rescue helicopter went to the aid of the injured sailor.
The rescue helicopter attempted to pick-up the man but heavy weather conditions forced them to abandon their mission as the yacht pitched and tossed violently.
The RNLI lifeboat managed to reach him and bring him onto their vessel in gale force 9 winds.
He was later airlifted to hospital from the lifeboat and underwent surgery on Monday morning to get his finger reattached.