The Cruising Association signed up its 6,000th member at this year's Southampton Boat Show

The Cruising Association is celebrating welcoming its 6,000th member.

A couple signed up at this year Southampton Boat Show and received a surprise bottle of champagne. They joined the 130 others who became members at the show as well as the thousands sailing local rivers and estuaries as well as across Biscay, in the Baltic, down to the Med and Blue Water.

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According to the Cruising Association, it is now the biggest UK member association looking after cruising people, overtaking the Royal Naval Sailing Association (RNSA), cruising club, last year.
The Cruising association has plenty of cruising information on its website – 16,000 pages in fact – and runs regular competitions where its members can win prizes. One of these competitions, where the winner could win a set of standing rigging worth £3,000, was launched at this year’s Southampton Boat Show.

A spokesperson for the Cruising Association comments: ‘This year’s SBS has been the best yet in the 40 years the CA has taken a stand.’