Volunteer lifeboat crews went to the aid of the sinking fishing boat after receiving a Mayday call on Wednesday

Three men had to be rescued from a sinking fishing boat on Wednesday afternoon, just off south-east Ireland.

Volunteer crews received a Mayday call from the 10m vessel just after 12pm and the Rosslare Harbour RNLI’s all-weather lifeboat was launched to the scene immediately.

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The three men were a mile off shore when the incident happened.

On arrival, lifeboat crewmen pulled one of the fishermen from the water, while the other two were rescued by another boat in the area, which had come to help.

Shortly after the men were rescued, the fishing vessel foundered off Rosslare Harbour.

All three fishermen were brought ashore by the RNLI lifeboat and given first aid and warm clothing, before being transferred to Wexford hospital by ambulance.

Rosslare RNLI lifeboat operations manager Dave Maloney, said: “The swift action of the volunteer lifeboat crew and that of the other local vessel saved the live of these fishermen.

“As we know all too well, boats can sink without a trace in a matter of minutes. Thankfully these three men have been brought to safety and we wish them a full recover from their ordeal.”