Difficult waters to sail and lending a hand during mooring are just some of the most popular topics in the forum this week

Thousands of you visited the YBW forums this week to discuss a number of topics, from boats you want to buy to difficult waters to sail in.
One of the top threads saw members debating whether motorboat users are nicer than sailors.

The original poster, yacht, said he had “noticed in marinas, during my sailboat tidal dayskipper practical and elsewhere, that generally people who motorboat are nicer than people who sail, why is that?”

Meanwhile, another member dancrane, said: “The whole challenge that underscores navigation under sail, requires continuous calm concentration and consideration of the various forces that influence movement of the boat… A group of people close at hand, all waving and yelling or chattering or laughing, however happily and agreeably, makes it harder to apply the mental process required.”
Do you agree? Head over to the thread now to share your views on the matter.
And on the subject of fellow boaters, another popular thread this week talks about how often people would help others with mooring their vessels.
The online poll has so far had 228 votes, with the majority saying they would help if they saw them coming. Have your say now by casting your vote online.
Other popular threads this week include admiration for a Rhodes 41 for sale on YBW’s Boats for Sale site.
Finally, forumites discuss the most difficult places they’ve sailed. From the Isles of Scilly to the west coast of Sweden, users have been sharing a wealth of experiences.