Eyewitnesses discuss a boat fire in Swanick and forumites ponder the fate of the missing Malaysian plane in the top threads on the YBW forums this week

Thousands of people from the boating community visited the YBW forums last week to discuss a number of topics, from yacht repairs to the latest headlines. Here’s the top five most popular threads:
1) A boat fire at Swanwick marina has been one of our most popular discussions, with eyewitness accounts of the event and pictures of the aftermath.
2) Elsewhere on the forums, members were discussing what would happen to the sinking cargo ship in Cornwall. Efforts were made last week to save the cargo ship, which started sinking around 10 miles off the coast of Cornwall.
3) Haul-outs gone wrong was another talking point as one member highlighted an article explaining how a 14-month-old Nordhavn came to fall to the ground while supported in a boat lift.
4) Useful information for boaters in Helford also surfaced as it was revealed that only vessels with a beam of three inches or less are now able to navigate the passage.
5) And finally, forumites have been sharing their opinions on what’s happened to the missing Malaysian plane.
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