Two friends from New Hampshire were left holding on for their lives after their trimaran was overturned in strong winds

Two friends were left stranded for 15 hours after their 25ft trimaran capsized in strong winds.
The men, who were sailing to Boston, were clinging to a plank between two hulls of their vessel Ark Angel when a passing fishing boat rescued them.
George Reynolds, 62, and Fred Schaeffer, who is in his late 40’s, set sail on Friday but decided to turn back part way through their trip as weather conditions worsened.
At around 4pm, a couple of miles from the mainland, the boat flipped over in heavy winds and they were unable to contact emergency services as their mobile phone had suffered water damage.
“It was a real test of my faith,” said Reynolds.
“I said, ‘Lord, whatever your will is, I’m in the mercy of your hands, and if this is going to be the end, I’m trusting in your mercy.'”
Sometime after 7am on Saturday, they were able to get the attention of a passing fishing boat named Fishy Business, which brought them to shore in Salem.
‘They were very cold. They were very thankful that we found them and that we took them in,” Fishy Business captain Eddie Pereira told ABC News.
The two men suffered from slight hypothermia and were shaken by the ordeal, but denied medical treatment and set out for home after being examined by first responders.

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