The pair were winched up from their anchored boat in the exclusion zone near Niagara Falls

Two men had to be rescued from their disabled yacht on Monday after drifting within two miles of Niagara Falls.
A U.S. Coast Guard helicopter received a call around 9.15pm reporting that a 19ft motorboat was anchored inside Niagara River’s 2.5 mile exclusion zone, from which boats are banned.
An air rescue crew was sent to the scene, along with a coast guard vessel and boat crews from state and local police.
Luckily, the pair had been able to drop the boat’s anchor but the shallow depth of the river’s water prevented boat rescue crews from reaching them.
Instead, it was down to the coast guard helicopter to help the two men and the pair were winched to safety just before midnight.
The boat remains on the river while the owner arranges its recovery.

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