N&G is launching an insurance policy for pets at sea following the increase in the number of boaters taking their furry friends on board with them

Maritime insurance specialist Navigators & General’s (N&G) has introduced insurance cover for pets at sea.

The policy will be included as standard in N&G’s Yacht and Motorboat Protection and will cover pet owners with vessels of up to £1m in value and who cruise in a range of UK and European waters.

N&G will cover pet medical fees up to £500 under the Yacht and Motorboat Policy following an accident while on board, embarking and disembarking.

The introduction of the policy follows an increase in the number of boat owners taking their pets aboard with them.

Insurance for pets at sea.

Research indicates that around a third of people now consider taking their pets away. Credit: Alan Levine / Flickr

According to N&G, the relaxation of requirements for microchipping and vaccination under the government’s Pet Travel Scheme, has also played a part in the increase in travelling pets.

Charles Knight, of N&G, added: “Even experienced sailors need to be careful when their beloved pet is on board. There are areas of a boat that are potentially unsafe to a pet, such as stepladders, and there are also trip hazards – and choppy waters bring their own extra risks.”

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“It’s clear from people whose boats we insure that many realise the importance of having their favourite animal protected,” explained Knight.

“Our cover is an important extension to our general yachts and motorboat policy, and comes at no added cost. [It] reflects the changing needs of boat owners and their crew, families and pets whilst on-board.”

N&G will be showcasing its products at the London Boat Show 2018, which runs from January 10 to January 14.

Knight said: “People consider their pet to be an important part of the family, they are close to their pets and want to look after them in the best possible way.

Top tips for keeping pets safe at sea

  • Always use a lifejacket with handles on the top. Should the worst happen and your pet go overboard, the handles make it much easier to be lifted back out of the water.
  • Allow your pet to get familiar with the boat before setting sail
  • Areas of danger and risk such as enginerooms should be closed off and a first-aid kit should be within easy reach.
  • For longer passages, a litter tray or artificial turf may enable pets to settle more easily.